Latest Fashion Trends 2017

Fashion is something, which inspires almost every person out there in his or her ways. No one gives a definition because every person has his or her taste may be if one likes to adopt the Latest Fashion Trends as it is, or there may be people who love to experiment with it.

Fashion could be anything, Dresses or outfits, Footwear, Top wear, bottom wear, cosmetics.

From Men to Women, everyone loves to look as per their personality, and Fashion can enhance their look, personality, and attitude.

Wearing something trendy, classy is always give you a confidence and add self-motivation.

Search Mantra Fashion has come with all the latest Trends 2017-18, Women Fashion Outfit, Men Fashion Outfit, Hair Styles, Footwear, and Cosmetics.

Street Style Latest Fashion Trends

 Street Style outfits allow you experiment with the available clothing line. It can be colorful, Trendy, and Classy.

Women Fashion Outfits

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Men Fashion Outfits

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Bollywood Celebs Latest Outfits

 In India, people always follow and inspired by out Bollywood Stars and try to imitate their style and look.

Here are some the Top latest Trends outfit, which the entire fashion lover can follow.


Deepika Padukone

 She is the Style Icon, either she is wearing Indian or Western, she knows how to carry them. Classy in Indian wear and International Diva in Western wear are the Trends she creating by her Fashion sense.

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Alia Bhatt

 The bubbly, Fashionista, one of top Bollywood actress, the born actress, what else you can mention more about this super talented actress Alia Bhatt. Her style is always copied by the girls out there and always is hit in youth.

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Priyanka Chopra

 She is the Super talent actress, Former Miss World 2000, International star, beautiful, elegant, multi-talented, superhuman woman. Her Style sense always becomes talks of the time, and always be right for the outfit at the occasion or events.

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Kangana Ranaut

 The Classy, High on Fashion, Trendy, and having amazing style sense. From small town to the big shot city she made it all on her own. Whatever we say is less for this self-made celebrity.

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Shraddha Kapoor

 She is the Fresh face of the Bollywood, unique and comfortable style sense, Talented Actress and most beautiful girl in the industry.

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Now let us talk about the boys of Bollywood industry latest fashion trends!


Ranveer Singh

He is super energetic actor and dancer. His Fashion style as cool as he himself. The mix of Indian and western style outfits is his Fashion statement.

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Akshay Kumar

 He is simple, gentleman trade, and classy in his way of outfit styles. Whether he is wearing Indian outfits or Classy Business suites goes perfectly on his body type.

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Shushant Singh Rajput

 The boy next door and a proven actor Shushant Singh Rajput wow Bollywood industry by his acting skills. His clothing choices make him perfect Fashionable celeb.

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Ayushman Khurana

 He is one of the Multi-talented actors in Bollywood industry. His Fashion outfit gives freshness and adds trendy look.

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Arjun Kapoor

No one doubt on Arjun Kapoor acting skill, but everyone is concerned about his body weight. So, he has managed the same and balanced everything by his Outfits and choose perfect outfit any occasion. We can see the impact of Fashionista sisters’ on his outfit choices.

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Latest Fashion Trends

Hollywood Celebrity Style Outfits

In the 21st Century there are lots of Hollywood celebs that are inspiring by their amazing wardrobe collection, especially International Models give lots of outfit ideas to the world to follow them.

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Popular Latest Fashion Trends on Social Media

Social media become the platform, which can make any fashionista an overnight star by just sharing their collection photographs.


On Instagram

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On Pinterest

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Top 20 Popular Fashion Blogger

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